Biogas Technology

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FlexBio Technologie GmbH has a highly diverse know-how on the subject of biogas. The FlexBio biogas method developed by us is suitable for use in agriculture as well as in waste management. Our fixed-bed technology convinces on the one hand thanks a very high flexibility-such as demand-oriented biogas production without large storage tank, as well as by a high process stability and efficiency. Alongside innovative biogas plant technology, the product portfolio includes traditional small slurry systems, which are individually designed to your specifications. In addition to the challenge of sustainable energy supply, the recycling loop must also be closed, this is where waste fermentation plants offer an optimal solution for the exploitation of the energy hidden in bio-waste and thus being able to sensibly utilize of the material flow in the future.


Biogas Technology of the Future

The biogas technology of the future. Thanks to our new technology, we are able to take biogas production to a new level. Biogas at the touch of a button.

The future energy supply will be based on a high proportion of fluctuating energies, such as wind and solar energy. In order to compensate for weather-related fluctuations in the energy supply, adjustable energy generators are required. Biogas-powered electricity generating systems offer the advantage of being able to provide power independently of the sun and wind.

In order to generate electricity flexibly, a demand-oriented availability of biogas must be ensured. For this, biogas can either be stored and/or produced as needed.

Fermenters with a large specific colonization surface – such as fixed-bed fermenters – allow for the enrichment or retention of the micro-organisms necessary for producing biogas. The micro-organisms are fixed on the carrier material and thus make a decoupling of the generation time from the dwell time possible.

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Waste Fermentation Plants

In gastronomy, the food industry, such as vegetable and fruit processing, the sugar or potato industry and in slaughterhouses or distilleries, organic residues are created which are ideal for the production of renewable energy in Biogas plants due to their energy content and their dry matter content. However, the consistency of the residual materials as well as the contaminants and inhibiting substance found therein often cause problems in the conventional processes. FlexBio Technology offers a compact and reliable solution for the fermentation of organic residues in its product portfolio. The FlexBioSmartFarm container plant is designed for decentralized use and can be very flexibly adapted to the operational conditions or modularly extended. Thus, you have the perfect companion for the recovery of your organic waste, even if you expand your production.

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Use your organic waste as a fuel of the future and produce sustainable biogas. Our waste fermentation plants are characterized by a new operation management with the most modern technology. Organic waste becomes biogas!

Classic Biogas Technology

In the biogas segment, we represent an innovative biogas technology of the new generation. Our biogas technology enables the efficient use of substrates that have only been inadequately used for biogas production in the past. Another focus of our biogas technology is in the area of flexible biogas production. This means that even without large gas reservoirs, our biogas technology can provide real flexibility. In addition, our plant concept is suitable for small, decentralized applications such as pure slurry systems (75 kw slurry biogas plants), small dry chicken droppings biogas plant, use of silage effluent for larger farms (large cattle farms) or pure and co-fermentation of renewable raw materials with a focus on maximum flexibility.

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