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What's new?

The innovative FlexBio biogas plant is made up of state-of-the-art plant technology as well as an innovative process management system. At the heart of the plant are the packing elements in the fermenter, which increase the specific surface area and prevent the leaching of microbiological matter. Thanks to the packing elements and the new process management, significantly higher volumes can be processed. The system technology and control allow a biogas production at the push of a button. This means that large gas reservoirs are not necessary, and biogas is produced when it is needed. This means that the basic load or peak load can be covered as required.

Produce biogas and electricity flexibly at the push of a button!


The newly developed FlexBio biogas method is suitable for use in agriculture as well as in waste management. Our fixed-bed technology convinces with a very high degree of flexibility-such as a demand-oriented biogas production without large reservoirs, as well as high process stability and efficiency.

Our plant concept is also suitable for small, decentralized applications such as pure slurry systems, small dry chicken droppings biogas plants, use of silage effluent for larger farms (big cattle farms) or pure and co-fermentation of sugar beet with a focus on maximum flexibility.

In contrast to the fully mixed flow method, as is realized in most agricultural biogas plants, multi-stage or multi-phase biogas processes enable a separation of the biological process phases. Specific environment conditions in two treatment stages – a first hydrolysis and acidogenesis phase as well as a second acetate and methane formation phase – make specialized, highly active biocenoses possible.

Thus, the process separation of the biological process phases of the hydrolysis or acidogenesis phase from the methane formation phase can facilitate a flexible Biogas production. This means that the biogas production can be started or stopped again in a relatively short time.

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Biogas production for basic and peak load coverage in one system. The substrate is pre-digested un a hydrolysis container and can be mixed with slurry. The liquid and solid phases are separated from each other via a separator. The solid phase is converted into biogas in a traditional fully mixed fermenter and continuously produces biogas for electricity production. The liquid phase is stored in a storage container and flexibly converted into biogas in the fixed-bed high-performance fermenter as required. The fixed bed-reactor allows biogas to be supplied according to demand.

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Your Benefits at a Glance

  •          Flexible Biogas production

  •          Maximum substrate yield

  •          Secure market premium

  •          Easy and cost-efficient maintenance

  •          Biofilm attached to substrate materials (syntropy)

  •          Reduced discharge of micro-organisms

  •          Lower dwell times possible

  •          Significantly higher tolerance to process fluctuations

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