Control and Measuring Technology

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As a manufacturer of sewage treatment, water treatment, biogas and test plants of any size, we are very familiar with the manufacture of control systems, including development, planning, construction, programming. We develop control systems according to the individual requirements of our customers, because different automation requirements need to be met for each of our plants. Our measuring technology can be integrated individually in FlexBio systems and in existing system. We place special emphasis on the correct calibration of the measuring probes and the associated adaptation to the present medium.

Automation of Complex Control Tasks

Flexible in-house production allows us to meet the most diverse requirements of our customers. In addition to the punctual and quality-compliant delivery of the control systems, we fulfil all pertinent standards in the field of automation technology. With the production of the control cabinets at our production site, the construction work at the customer site is shortened. Short communication channels between our programmers and the production department lead to an individual and perfectly synchronized system control. Our control and automation systems are built according to DIN EN 81346 and are programmed according to the IEC 61131-3 standard. A Standards-compliant documentation simplifies the work and considerably speeds up the repair work of machines, plants and buildings.

Our customer-specific control systems are based on industrial automation technology and can be coupled to data collection via Ethernet. For our hardware components, we use products from well-known manufacturers, which make quick and effective integration possible and have an impressive useful life. Our systems can be displayed and controlled via a visualization on your devices, such as PC, tablet or smartphone. In addition, it is possible to integrate the control into other systems via an OPC server and Ethernet connection. This way, different processes and systems from different manufacturers can work together. Moreover, other network computers or industrial computers can be connected via serial interfaces or Ethernet connection to control the system from there.

Individual Measurement Technology

Since a control system is only as good as its sensors and we always want to offer the highest standard, we also work with renowned manufacturers in the field of measuring technology. Our measuring technology can be installed in our systems as well as retrofitted in third-party systems. The measurement results can be digitally displayed in real time, which allows us to optimally regulate the process in our plants. Our software solutions enable data transmission via the Internet. The measurement data are displayed in tabular and graphic form. The visualization of the alarm status of each measuring point as well as the monitoring of maintenance operations and remote parameterization increase the operational reliability.

Access rights can be individually designed and documented. The operator's effort is reduced to a minimum.

We offer automated circuit systems with the inclusion of sensors for liquid as well as gaseous substances. Exemplary measurement parameters for liquid substrates are: COD, BOD5, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, redox potential, SAC, oxygen, ph-value and conductivity. Exemplary measured values for gases are: methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen and oxygen. We can also adapt the inclusion and programming of other relevant measured values/parameters individually.

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