FlexBio Technologie GmbH is your contact from the first consultation on the planning, construction and commissioning of the unique FlexBio technology plants. The solutions of the FlexBio technology are tailored to your needs – regardless of whether individual treatment steps are installed, or a complex treatment system is being built.

With its own results from laboratory tests and test plants, FlexBio technology is able to develop a suitable technical solution for your application.

In many cases, the configuration of your technology can be done in advance by standardized preliminary examinations. This saves you both on the investment side and in later operations and you can get a direct first impression of our service before placing your order. Preliminary testing can be carried out in the laboratory, in a pilot plant as well as directly on site in the operating environment of your company.


Mobile Preliminary Testing or in a Pilot Plant

Our mobile test facilities are installed directly at your site and operated over a representative period of 2 to 6 months. Through the use of our mobile test system demonstrates an efficient and modern wastewater treatment. In addition, the on-site trial operation enables effective potential determination under practical conditions to avoid planning errors as much as possible and to optimize processes. The demonstration system is mounted on a mobile trailer. In this way, we can effectively demonstrate the function and performance of our process. The mobile system is dimensioned in such a way that there are no restrictions for up scaling to a larger system.

Our pilot plant trials also offer you the "full package". You supply us with wastewater or biomass and we carry out all the necessary tests in order to obtain a conclusive result.

For all test plants, various parameters such as biogas yield, COD cleaning performance and nitrogen elimination can be recorded. In addition, regular sampling is made to provide accurate documentation of the results. The scope of services can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.

In addition to pre-tests, our test facilities are also suitable for the temporary cleaning of your wastewaters if you are planning a retrofit or something similar and cannot stop your production.


Laboratory Analytics

Our laboratory is equipped with modern measuring and analysis technology. The range of services includes chemical and biological tests in accordance with the "German standard procedures for water, sewage and sludge analysis". The laboratory assures important requirements for self-monitoring for discharging companies. One of the most important tasks is the regular control of the dischargeability into the sewage network (indirect dischargers) and the Preflooder (direct discharge) of our customers.

In essence, our laboratory allows the customer an optimal service during planning, commissioning and operation. In the context of the preliminary tests, we carry out the determination of the actual wastewater situation (quantitative and qualitative). If necessary, preliminary tests are carried out with test plants which are also accompanied and documented analytically. Other tasks include: analysis of the process flow of anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment and the stimulation stages, monitoring of the procedure, assessment of contamination situations and influences on the biological purification process. Of course, the laboratory equipment can also be used to carry out other environmental analytical tests.

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Biogas Analytics


In order to guarantee the success of our customers' biogas plants, we check and control the fermentation processes of the biogas plants in the in-house laboratory. We draw on our own large laboratory analytical database and years of experience of our employees. Process dysfunctions and instabilities in the fermentation process can be detected and can be remedied without much effort. The results of our analytics often have a decisive influence on technical and economic decisions about your plant. In order to meet the highest demands, we adapt our analysis methods individually to the medium and additionally participate in interlaboratory tests in order to always check our methods. We also offer gas yield tests. Our gas yield tests are carried out in accordance with VDI Guideline 4630

In addition to the process biological support provided by the FlexBio team, the environmental analysis laboratory of the NEUTec department (HAWK Göttingen University of Applied Sciences) is available as an independent partner for further questions. The institute researches and develops in the field of biogas technology for an improved energetic and material use of biogenic residues.


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Our service is adapted to individual customer requirements and ranges from a general supervision to the complete operator contract. You can continue to focus on your core business while cleaning your wastewater.

Our maintenance is carried out by specially trained personnel. Our professional service reduces the downtime of our systems to a minimum. Much of the maintenance work can happen during operation and does not interfere with your business. The contracts are individually designed according to your business, the country and are adapted to your needs.

In addition, we are available by phone for questions.

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