Waste Water Treatment Technology

We purify your waste water

The unique FlexBio wastewater treatment plants work in a manner that is both energy- and cost efficient in all areas of application. Whether you want to purify slightly polluted wastewater on a farm or heavily polluted wastewater from the industrial use, the FlexBio product portfolio offers you a suitable solution. The technology impresses with its simple operation and reliable purification performance. You can also benefit from the specially developed process of converting organic pollution into energy-rich gas. The biogas obtained is directly available to you as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source and permanently improves your carbon footprint.

The FlexBio technology can be delivered in compact modular containers according to the Plug & Play Principle or built as a large-scale plant at your location. We take care of the complete planning, construction, installation and commissioning of your wastewater treatment plant. Even the operation of your system according to individual operator models is possible.

Food Processing and Beverage Production

Food and beverage industry waste water treatment

In the food and beverage industry, wastewater is produced in various process steps. No matter whether from potato washing, salad making, bottle washing or milk processing, FlexBio wastewater technology offers the right solution. The wastewater can differ significantly in their composition, but all have one commonality:

The wastewater from your plant contains valuable energy that can be tapped into in the form of biogas by means of the innovative FlexBio wastewater technology.

Our wastewater technology can be integrated into existing systems or installed as a completely new system. The high pollution charges can be effectively avoided. Our technology is characterized by its modular and space-saving design, so the wastewater treatment can grow in the same steps when the production is expanded.


Do not hesitate and use the existing potential!

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Waste Water from Slaughterhouses

The wastewater from slaughterhouses and meat processing plants has enormous energy potential. This energy can be exploited in the form of biogas through the use of the FlexBio process. This allows you to cover up to 20% of your plant's energy requirement through wastewater treatment. Our plants can process from a few m³/d up to several 1000 m³ of wastewater a day. In addition, expensive additives and auxiliary agents as well as the demanding operation of flotation can be dispensed with. Our systems allow you to minimise operating costs from the very first day and to reduce your carbon footprint. Make your business fit for the future.

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Waste water from slaughterhouses, FlexBio waste water solutions

Industrial Waste Water

Industry needs large amounts of water and, accordingly, these quantities are discharged as wastewater at the end of the processes. The FlexBio process cleans the wastewater so that the purified wastewater can be recycled in the processes. This saves you fresh water costs and wastewater charges. Different cleaning methods are combined according to the requirements of the purification performance and the initial load. This way, you always get a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. For example, a mechanical preliminary purification with a biological full treatment and a chemical after-purification with subsequent sterilization or disinfection as a complete treatment plant can be planned and produced by us.

With the help of anaerobic wastewater treatment, the contaminated water is cleaned in the absence of air. The result is valuable biogas, which can be used as a source of energy for heating or power generation. Sustainable energy increases the profitability of your company.

Our plant technology can be particularly effective in the paper and pharmaceutical industry, biodiesel production or starch processing plants. You decide whether you want to discharge directly or if you require pre-treatment. We offer you an economical solution.


Wastewater from the Agricultural Industry

FlexBio Technologie GmbH offers attractive solutions for the treatment of wastewater in the agricultural industry; these solutions purify the wastewater to inlet water quality. Due to the advantages of FlexBio technology, you do not need to run complex water management system and do not burden your digestate warehouse unnecessarily. The wastewater is collected and automatically purified in a container system until it reaches the necessary threshold values. Then it can be used for irrigation or be introduced into a water body.

In addition, this process yields biogas from the organic matter in wastewater. This biogas, just like biogas from a traditional biogas plant, can be exploited for energy.

The FlexBio systems can be transported easily and quickly. The plants are pre-assembled at our factory and delivered after an initial testing phase. The compact and modular construction allows a space-saving installation, so that the connection of the container systems on most farms is possible.

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Waste water from the agricultural industry, Waste water technology from FlexBio Technologie

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